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(techniques and secrets of master tactics, classical and volumetric method)

- This course is dedicated to stylists working in volume methods who want to embark on an adventure with eyelash styling championships. Intensive extended training to prepare for a trip to the championship. We learn techniques and championship tricks on it that will help in gaining the coveted cups.

Training program:

Theoretical part

- Championship rules:

  * what to look for

  * how to read and understand the most important tips

- Championship schedule:

  * how to choose the competition tactically to win

- Modeling:

  * what to look for, choosing a master model to avoid

  * how to choose modeling for the championship

-Technical technique:

  * what weight lashes to use during the championships

-The pace of work:

  * tactical time distribution vs gluing the full application

- Referee criteria:

  * what to look for when executing the application

  * what elements will be highly scored and how to make them to win the championship

Practical part

- demonstration preparation:

  * how to prepare and draw the perfect scheme

- model work (day 1):

  * application of the classic method by itself, at the same time as at the championships

- model work (day 2):

* application of the volume method (selected by yourself) independently, at the same time as at the championships

Additional issues

- how to prepare for the championship?

-where to look for information about the championships?

2090 zł PLN
two days training
* price for training in a group that has a maximum of 4 people.

The training price includes

-two certificates (PL + ENG)

-products used during exercise

- spirits and drinks during training

- adding to a closed group of students on the FB, where the students can ask the trainer and already working stylists for advice on eyelash stylization, and find out about the upcoming events in the industry.