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Advanced training, Volumetric Method HYPER VOLUME

(eyelash extension method from 8D to 15D)

The course is aimed at experienced stylists working with volumetric methods, after completed training on the classical method and volumetric method. It is an advanced training, which discusses both the basic issues related to materials science, rows, modeling selection, mixing of turns and the greatest attention is focused on advanced techniques of creating tufts in the fingers.

Building Hyper Volume styling is the most prestigious technique among eyelash styling. This is a two-day course

Training program:

Theoretical part

- Speaking of the health and safety rules of the eyelash stylist's work

cycle of life of natural eyelashes

-Completing a stylist's case working with large volumetric methods:

  * Preparations and tools that can not be missed in the stylist's trunk

  * Types and weight of eyelashes used in strong volume methods

  * Materials used during volume eyelash styling.

  * Types and selection of tweezers to perform "hyper volume"

-Technical preparation of the volume application, containing the principles of practical work:

   * characteristics of "Hyper Volume" fans

   * work with glue

   * work in rows

   * correcting the shape of the eyes through appropriate modeling

  * eye shape analysis including horizontal lines

   * difficult cases in eye styling, requiring correction with twists

   * secrets of the perfect application. Tricks to help stylist work

    * "special" effects in eye styling that we can get thanks to large volumes

- Treatment procedure

Practical part

- presentation of the technique of creating tufts in the fingers:

* technique in every hand

* "for a lady" technique

* "long nails" technique

- "dry" exercise of tufts

* work with tweezers

* learning to work with glue

* sticking tufts to the head or sponge

-practice on the model

Additional issues


  * how to sell "hyper volume" appropriately


* how to properly build a portfolio of works

-I appreciate the procedure:

* how to properly evaluate your service

2590 zł PLN
two days training
*cena za szkolenie w grupie która liczy maksymalnie 4 osoby
* szkolenie indywidualne + 800 zł

The training price includes

-two certificates (PL + ENG)

-products used during exercise

- snacks and drinks during training

- adding to a closed group of students on the FB, where the students can ask the trainer and already working stylists for advice on eyelash stylization, and find out about the upcoming events in the industry.