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Lifting/ Lamination/ Lash Filler

permanent eyelash curling

The training is aimed at people who do not have experience in eyelash styling, as well as advanced stylists who want to introduce a lifting, lamination and botox eyelash treatment into their offer.

It is an innovative treatment completely patented and produced in Italy, which guarantees the highest quality of the product, the certainty of the correct implementation of the procedure, and thanks to clinical tests, the highest safety of use.

Thanks to the use of products, we thicken natural eyelashes with an average of 24% and more.

Eyelashes after applying the product become overclocked, nourished, shiny, healthy and silky soft to the touch. The look becomes stressed and more intense, without the need for additional products.

Training program:

Theoretical part

- Treatment history

- Construction and biochemistry of the hair

- Chemical effect of products on natural eyelashes

- Transforming the natural turn of eyelashes with products

- How and why eyelash changes its turn

- Decolorization and coloring of eyelashes

- LASH FILLER - the most important information

- Comparison and discussion of existing treatments: facelift, laminating, botox. Truth or myth?

- How does the LASH FILLER treatment for eyelashes work? Presentation of eyelashes under a microscope

- Presentation of clinical trials carried out in Milan in terms of effectiveness of the procedure


* How the eyelash diameter increases

* How lashes turn up

* Discussion of standards in accordance with the regulations of the European Union

- InLei line products

* Revolution in silicone forms

* The concept of materials

Revolution in silicone forms

The concept of materials

Selection of the right time for natural eyelashes

Putting the eyelashes on the silicone mold


Selection of the right form together with the client's eye turn, taking into account the growth of natural eyelashes

Practical part

- Model shown by the instructor

- Practice on a model by a student

1190 zł PLN
one day training
* price for training in a group, the group has a maximum of 5 students
* individual training + PLN 800

The training price includes

- training script

- certificate

- products used during exercise

- snacks and drinks during training

- adding to the closed group of students on the FB, where the students can ask the trainer and already working stylists for advice on eyelash stylization, and find out about the upcoming events in the industry.

- a permanent 10% discount on all products in the online store lashselling.pl